Sunday, November 11, 2007

Friday Night Lites

I called to be friends, to check up and just make some small talk, nothing much expected just a bit of information and a kid word. I got the information but felt burned and cast aside. There are a thousand of excuses and reasons for the conversation to have gone the way it did, not much said nothing much felt, but burned I still feel. Know not why a small spark could scold my thick skin, but scold I am. Anger was never my suit and rational never a stranger. Clam is in constant companion, but she seems to have stepped out. Maybe it's the intrigue of it all? Thoughts were thought to be understood, actions w/ in reason, but logic had a loop hole. Words where spoken, things where applied, shock grasped my tongue and words damned my mouth. The conversation ended and the blood spilled. Now bleeding that I am, I apologies for running your shirt. I've misjudged before and will do so again, just more spilled milk. To know I've been hurt wish to let them know, but that's simply inviting more pain, fool my twice. Then again who wishes to mistrust.


Blogger EmilyLemily said...

You have always had an interesting way with words...glad I was able to find your blog!

9:08 PM  

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