Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Thoughts of a lost firend.

Some things have to be writen, but those things don't, and sometimes should not be understood. These thoughts of mine are nothing really more then that, thoughts. I don't want them to convice anyone of anything. The most they should do is spark a desire to know, or to understand. The least is give some peace to my soul.

Death, and fear I can think of no two things so closely tied together. People are filled with such fear. Fear of not finding the right person, fear of getting less then they could, fear of the unknow, fear of what people think of them, fear of their own short comings. Fear I think is the greatest motavatior in history, I think it has influanced people to do more things than anything else. People fear death so much that they would do such horrific things to prolong their existance. To see that last sunset, to feel that last kiss. Well honesty I find it not worth it. How many sunsets did you miss? How many kisses did you toss away in that passion of the moment? I don't cry for you. You miss someone you love, so what. I am sure you living in saddness makes them feel better in the here after. You sit there dumbfounder in your fear and saddness as the world crashes down around you. People are dying around you. They are starving to death, kids are born knowing no love and no hope. Will you give it to them?

It is writen no greater love have a man then to lye down his life for his friends. This means so much more then dying. To give up ones life is to give up ones own personal desires, to give up your happiness for the sake of another. People are selfish childeren, People get angery at others who have past on before. Leaving those people to carry on alone. From dust to dust, so must go all the earth. As once said if you fear death it jumps out at you all the quicker. If you think this is a negitive out look then you have understood little said, and so it go.


Blogger Amanda/Mandie said...

You know, your words make great sense to me. Being an idealist, I wish to think that love is my greatest motivator, but I'll admit that I'll be quicker and more efficient in the things I do if my fears are breached. Still, I am more inclined toward doing things for love and out of love than otherwise. I don't know, love carries so many problems with it. I'm dealing with one of those right now even.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Simply E said...

Your an amazing man did you know that.
Fear is a motivator a dumb one though. Why cant self improvment be the best motivator just wanting to be better. I have no fear of death and when others die around me i can accept that i will see them again i myself will live again there is no reason to fear it.
My best friend say live life, love life, laugh in life. So lets just do it. Of course there are things we must accomplish but why worry things will fall into place. we learnt about confusiusim today I really like it.
Laters and miss ya Bro

8:37 PM  
Blogger Davey From The Block said...

Judge, you have some good friends here, Amanda and E. They still comment on your blog even though you've been gone for half a century. In a sense, they are still grieving for you, the dead. Don't forget to thank them.

-The one who is loved.

4:57 PM  
Blogger Su-pid Cupid said...

You know what, E? It's funny I don't refer people my age as "man"..I don't know what I see them as actually...just friends I guess..heck, I'm 20 and I still don't see myself as a "woman"..just..a female..haha

Anyway, it's true, Judge, as E said, you ARE an amazing person slash man. hehe

Well it's funny how the gospel decreases our fear of death. I have cheated death too many a time. (you guys can testify to one of those misadventures..) It's as if someone is literally holding me in His giant cupped hands, and not letting the angel of death reap his reward. Dispite the confidence I've put my life on these hands, I still possess this lingering fear that I don't consciously know of..not until my time comes.

For now, I challenge my fears through gymnastics. A lot of my courage in me is owed to that glorious art of a sport. It's funny how today I was so afraid to do a Double front-somersault off the trampoline into the pit. There's something scary about that blue-foamed pit that just doesn't look fun to dive into. I never learned skills by falling into a pit anyway..thus my fear is new to me. Dispite that fear, I still do stuff into that foamy pit of blue, possibly into my death bed..or, I MIGHT just break my neck and still live (I won't be surprised if that actually happend!) well, at least if I did die by falling into the pit wrong, I would die in a nice soft bed of blue foam: The three things I love in this life - my bed, the color blue, and foam!...maybe minus the foam..heh.

So what is the point of this long comment? NOTHING. Just that I think you wrote a meaningful blog post with cool spelling errors and you still owe me a gun for my birthday.

Keep writing my friend!

PS. I do apolagize for that looooooong stretch of words. I promise next time I'll keep my million thoughts on life on my own blog instead ;-) just so you know, you are more than welcomed to post super looong comments on mine's...just returning a favor =D

8:51 PM  

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