Monday, November 01, 2004


Ok so Halloween is still the best holiday.

What happened....
Headed down to Honolulu right around 9pm. Got there around 11pm. Meet two girls on the ride down Briget and Aliss. Briget is a flirt and Aliss is hot. Started to walk up and down the strip as they tried to find their friends. I was mostly into see what people where wearing. Which for the people who had last min custom ideas very little. Japanese people really go all out. As we where walking I saw many anime people I knew. I had to repress the feeling of running up screening I know who you are. There where also some stormtroopers and jango fet. Some cool robots and power rangers. If I had a nickel for every bunny and nurse I could have bought this little island. The weird thing is that most guys default costume was just to take off their shirt. The best part of the night is when I was working my way thought the crowed and Aliss put her hand on my shoulder so she wouldn't get lost. It went well with my GQ look. Like it was part of my costume to have a hot girl following me. (Which would be nice to be able to just pick one up at the store, chicks Allie five) There women there where very beautiful. I was falling in love every five minutes. There's my wife.. Oh she's leaving. There's the women of my dreams ... Oh lost her. No there is my wife... Oh wait that's a man. Let me say thought that I don't find it hot for girls to walk around being little miss hangy outy. And if your hot you loss a lot of it when you come on to strong. If your so quick to get fresh with me you must be quick to get fresh with a lot of people. So back to the events Briget went with Aliss to find her friends and that was the last we saw of Aliss that night. Briget really ran off to go clubbing and didn't want to bother us. So we went to find a place to sit so the lady folk could rest their feet. Oh and while waiting for Aliss's friend I had to fight off a few creepy old men. Talked with Kamy for awhile about the theory of phone names. Then after about an hour of sitting and talking it was off to find briget. We found her in a country bar. It was interesting to see what one of those smoke filled saloons looks and smells like. After saving briget from a few more guys she didn't care for it was out side to get some fresh air and hang out there till they decided to go. Kamy who was completely anti club was now all about it, and I really was not. I just don't like meat markets where people are hitting on each other left and right. We finally got them both out of there and headed to the car. We had to pick up a girl named faye for a ride home and another guy that none of us knew. So it turned into a clown car ride home. I was in the back seat on the hump, squeezed inbetween two girls with another across me. Most of her weight was put on me cause the girls on my left and right where tiny. So the ride back was not a very fun one. After I was dropped off I wondered what time it was. So I went to check my phone. I didn't have it. I thought it was still in the car so I tried to call them to ask. Where a phone was needed and it took me awhile to find out. It was late and I was tired.

To Be Continued....


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