Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Somethings just want to make you punch girls in the face.

Let me try to put that line in context now. I have a friend (it's funny how quickly people join together in turmoil) how had her laptop taken out of her room. I knew very little of the facts and didn't want to press for info cause of her situation. I know this much that it most likely had to be a girl. Because of where she lives. Somethings just want to make you punch girls in the face. She has a few ideas on who it could be. The likely hood of her getting it back is slim to none. She is a girl from Taiwan and is hard up for money already. She says that she will most likely not be able to go home for Christmas now cause she will have to replace the computer. Why do people have to do such things? I am not a clean slat myself. I have taken little things as a child. I am not say it was ok, but that I am truly sorry for it. Also I was much stupid then. These people are in BYU Hawaii. Why is there need to poison this paradise. I am truly grateful today that I have so many nerds as friends. I am asking you to spread the word. To to look for this laptop. It is a blue HP. If you see anyone with one just make friendly conversation and ask them where they got it. I know you can all pull it off where into that kind of stuff. Just get their names and hand them to me. I know that this is a big place and the likely hood of us being able to find it is one in a million, but what do we got to loss. We may not be able to succeed but as a poet once said "I'd rather die on my feet then life on my knees" We have to try, think of it like this I rather kill my social life and make a fool of myself to people I don't know. Then to think of this girl having go thought this, and me doing nothing. What kind of a wreach would I be then. I don't take this crap lightly. Especially when it to happen on a campus like this. Lets make a miracle happen for this girl. Please, please I am going to need all of your guys help. Thanks


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was walking along the other day (tra-la)
When a snake up and bit me on the leg (tra-la)
It made so angry, It ruined my day (tra-la-la)
So I hunted it down to make it pay (Hooray)
But it was sneaky and crafty and knew where to hide (Sigh)
So by the time I had found it I had already died. (Sob)

Maybe you should stop hunting snakes and find another way to restore that which was taken (like having a fun fund raiser).

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's actually not a bad idea. the poem though was perhaps a bit much. it makes whoever wrote it sound kind of snobby.

just so you know, this is mallory. i'm a friend of justin's and renae's. i hear you're justin's roommate. i'm just checking out their college-friends' blogs.

i'm sorry about the loss of your friend's laptop. i can't imagine what that would be like!

1:42 AM  

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