Friday, August 08, 2008

The "Nature" "Rain" that is "Desire"

I am near her, but her heart is far from me.
I reach for her, but get only mist.
She wants me but can't take me.
She likes me but will not say.
I prosue her, but never the prey.
She longs for my company, but never my touch.
Things have been said, the feelings know
A descition must be made, for my heart is weak
So see the smiling face, filled with hollowed eyes.
The ropes hold me, my chains keep me.
Why won't she free me.
Maybe her friends are right,
Just a filler for her heart.
just a shadow of who she wants.
Then does she even see me?
Has she ever meet me?
I know that I know not her other.
But I am one hip brother
poetry, looks, wit, and charm
Passion, charity, insight, and guitar
Adventures, and daring, Spontanious, and Rightous.
Sure I might be lacking in
spelling, grammer, reading speed, humility, forsight, and ablity to side step pain.
Always the marter, never the healed, always the healer and many others.
Yet, still not enough to warent a feeling of being wanted.
Sure I feel like, but not desired.
A good friend, not a lover
I've seen to much and learned to little
I've fallen to deep, and thought to shallow
I've rushed ahead, while she was still unsure.
Now I wait to see if she will...


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