Thursday, November 04, 2004

blank blank

Haven't written in awhile so why not write about me and my views on things. Cause I am sure everyone really wants to hear them (and by hear I mean read, cause it is text, unless someone is reading it too you, but for the seac of space that is not happening.)

My brad of humor is very weird compared to most people I believe. It has be called dry, mean, stuip, and awkward. Well to me it is funny. The many thing you have to know in trying to understand my humor. Is that I tell all my jokes from a third party point of view. Think of it like a movie. Where I am the star of the Judge show and I have allot of co-stars. The jokes for the most part are for the visions audience at home not the people in the movie. I don't think I change from day to day, but I have been wrong before.

I was told today and yesterday, but allot today. That I was acting weird. None of my jokes where going over well. I was just thinking "I am trying what are you doing bur standing there staring at me"

love starts off as simply two peoples desire to be understood by someone else. To want and be wanted. To simply grasp part of the formalism idea that is love. People don't wish to be hurt so games come about as inaudible try to find one another in this vast world with out exposing them selfish to much to it's harshness. There are many that simply wish to have that fasod of being needed. They feel that the more people they are with the more they can feel that emotion. Along the way they are hurt and hurt others. As it happens a little bit of them dies with each encounter. They try to fill the void with many things and people caring less and less for those things around them that cause pain. And striving only to get what they can from those things before they hurt him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

looks like someone got hurt... was it you?

4:53 AM  

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