Monday, October 31, 2005

The world is New, fresh and blue

OK randomness is king so hold on.

I have never really like the idea of two girls kissing. I have how ever found something weird that I find entertaining. What is it you ask? well when two girls are in a rock band and they are playing back to back. I think it might have to do with the idea of a fight where two heroes are forced to fight back to back. coupled with the fact that Rock N' Roll rocks my soul. Add that all together with a girl or two, good as gone baby, good as gone.

However later found that the more girls you add doesn't make things better. When just one of these girls was play all jimmy Hendricks like I was more in love with her then at any other time. This also created a whole new problem, cause I was not attracted to her physically, and I say the way she acted when she was not rocking out and didn't really connected emotionally. Here was a girl that I was in love with only as long as she was playing her guitar. I had humors conversation with a friend about it later about how I might make it work.

While going from place to place this weekend end I saw many things I never thought I would. to many to name, for I lose one each moment that passes. I saw allot of lookers this weekend, but only connected with two. One was sonically thought the pulsations of her music, the other was verbally thought the sounds of her words. While lovely to boot and really quite a hoot, things will never be. Meeting her gave sorrow to my heart, for we met only to part. Thoughts upon thoughts whirled in my head. One standing out above the rest. This girl may not be a member and you will never meet again, cause someone failed her, just as you have fail others. How sad it truly is, but she seems happy and so am I.

Candy dance


Blogger Amanda/Mandie said...

Judge, what's the candy dance???

2:25 PM  
Blogger Simply E said...

did you get lots of candy trick or treating my friend? HEHE YEA RANDOM!!! Shannon likes to sing to much! Hahaha you retarded russian.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Judge of the Whetten's said...

Candy dance is what I say instead of sincerly, or yours truly, or some other crap like that. I got the candy from play kung fu choas to much and well everyone likes to dance. So Candy dance sounded like something fun and tasty. And I did little on the way of candy for the past evening. I did my duties and I followed responsanlties, other then that nothing much happended.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh is that what candy dance means. i've always wondered but never go around to asking but now i know

12:34 AM  

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