Tuesday, November 09, 2004

The smell of something better.

I must first start by saying that I am sorry for my last post it was long and incoherent. A textual rambling. I hate reading others and I go and make one myself. Well on to more joyous things. I have little to no sense of smell. I don't ever remember having a great one, but working at the poo house killed what little I had. Have no sense of smell causes weird things to happen in ones life. Like thinking that you can go 2 weeks with out doing laundry. You learn to love people that are honest. I am gladly happy when someone tells me I smell. Not for the reason that I smell (cause that really sucks, how long have I been smelly) but cause I know to fix it. People can't fix for the things they don't know they have. Now back around to head to the point I am trying to make. People lately have been telling me that I smell good, which is nice and weird at the same time. I smell nothing diff, yet others seem to be picking something up. What's the biggest down fall to all of this. Well, the sent of a woman. Girls dress themselves in perfumes and are clad with unearthly fragrances. I miss out on this simply pleasure. Their is something calming and reassuring about it. Every now and then I get a whiff of these sweet things. I had a real eye opener today. I was worried about this and that. Then this girl walked by and I almost fell into a coma. I turned to follow her for bit just enjoying it while it lasted. After a little while the logic of the stoker tendencies regained control and I continued on my way. So what am I saying, I like girls that smell good.


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