Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Long Awaited Deep Post

Ok first the dive info

Dive 1: Mahi Ship
Max Depth 87 feet for 27 minutes
Surface Interval 1 hour 11 minutes

Dive 2: Airplane Canyon
Max Depth 95 feet for 30 minutes

Now if you want to see some of the pics
Then Click Here

Well I have not been on this for awhile cause my free internet has gone. I lost it in one of those weird twists of fate. The lord giveth and he taketh away. So since I do most of my thinking at about 2 am in the last procrastinate of the homework. I have been few a far between here.

The dive was great. It was also very painful at some points and gross at others. I had trouble equalizing on the second dive. And caused something in my head to burst. I also got sea sick during the rest period in between dives. All of this is in a post that I wrote that is still on my laptop but not with me.


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