Sunday, August 21, 2005

Open 24hr (endding)

Smith had reached his point. The anger in him was boiling over and smith was starting to think of these lovers as not being human. They where so cruel and thoughtless. They thought only of themselves, but smith was sure that they where most likely just positions to each other. All the patrons in this dinner where nothing but scarifies for the lovers, and everything should surrender to love right? Smith didn't think so and this whole afire was making him bitter. Smith started to breath heavily. Smith was not sure what to do and was trying to keep control. The female lover tapped him on the shoulder, letting him know that she was there and armed. Smith wanted to hit her. He had never hit a woman but it was had to think of this person as one. Smith's gun was still pointed at the man. Smith could never bring himself to shoot another person and was lying to everyone and himself holding this gun. Such anger for things out of his control and no way out of things. There was no way for everyone to come out of this ok. Either the lovers or smith had to give in. The lovers where beyond the point of reason, and smith had nothing up his sleeve. Tossing his gun to the side smith turned to face the young girl. She did remind him of a girl smith once knew. Smith said that he couldn't shoot anyone and it was pointless to pretend other wise. At the same time he could not let the lovers hurt anyone else. They could go but everyone and everything was staying here. If the girl wanted she could shoot him, but smith was not backing down on this. Smith wanted so bad to be able to help these lovers but could not see how to do it. so smith tried for the easist and hardest way, which was to leave it up to them. The young girl seemed a little scared. Her hands where shaking and she was saying something but no words reached Smiths ears. Smith started to head to the back where the hurt men where. On the way smith saw the bag that was holding the contents of the safe. He reached for it and received a heavy blow to the face. The male lover had hit smith square in the jaw sending him to one knee. Smith still held the bag firmly and tried to stand up. The lover hit him again and tried to force the bag from his hand. Smith gave it up but with a twist that made all the contents fall to the floor. Standing up smith now stood in-between the lovers and the people, the money spewed across the floor mixed in with all the food and dust that live on dinner floors. There they all where the female holding smith at gun point the male bent over trying to scoop up the money, smith with a now bleeding lip slowing walking over to the female and all the others sitting in a booth watching. The male was mostly focusing on getting the money together. The girl started to shake widely and what looked to be screaming at smith to stop. Smith was terrified now and would have stopped if he hadn't seen the tears in her eyes. Smith closed the space between them and reached for the gun. The young girl got sacred and fired turning herself to stone and piecing a hole thought Smith's chest. Smith wrench the gun out of her now petrified hands. Smith's blooded stared to stain the outside of his cloths as he made his way to the door. Smith was already weak reaching the door and had trouble opening it. Smith's blood pool where he stood but he was able to get the door ajar to toss the gun out. Where upon he fell to the floor and lend against the door. Looking up smith saw that the girl was still crying and now looked more then ever like that girl he knew...once, smith had scarified some of himself for that girl also. Smith's last words that day where "Don't cry, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts"