Thursday, May 18, 2006

Don't read into this.

In this world that is so unwhole, you must fight to save your soul.
There are some that will give up to easy,
there are those who give up before they belive.

If you have the whole world but lose your soul, you can never really be whole.
If we lose one friend, then what have we? One person can not save another, each has to save themselfes. We can help and guid but a door to the soul can never be forced open.

If I gain the world but lose a friend then I'll never be able to make it to the end.
If I stand up stright and keep the way, will every one also be saved.
If I follow some forsaken path, Can I be sure I will not cave.

What is heaven if your all alone, what is hell then if not your home.
If I do what is right by me, then will others also be free.
If I do what I'm told, will others keep to the road.

Who is doomed to walk this line, Is this path no ones but mine.
If I falter left, or right. Who might I lose.
If I could fall right or left, who might I chose.

This is nothing but meaningless, or maybe it's heaven sent.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

No time to hope, simply act

He was broken. The fall from the tree helped but it was the ones that he thought where is friends that finished the job. With no one to help soften the blow of reality he was left on his own. Scorend by his own kin and look down upon by socity se started to belive what they also thought of him. Soon his out ward apparence started to take shape of what he felt like inside. LIfe grew to be nothing but pain and loneliness so he tired to end it, but he couldn't even do that which only lead to more attempts at it. Time slowly sliped away as I sipped drinks on a island with pretty girls all the time he wondered in the desert of despar and sorrow. I saw a friend fall once and while I wanted so bad to jump after her and take the chance of helping her I did nothing but watch as she fell from view. I can no longer watch such a thing. It is easier to jump after a firend with the asuerity of pain, agonay, and a chance of hope. Then to stand there and watch a friend fall. He has been lost in that desert for so long I hope he can hold out long enogh for me to reach him. I am filled with weakness but I will reach him even if my body falls apart around me. No one can stop me, I just hope I have the time to cover the distance I need to cover.