Friday, April 21, 2006

Blah, blah, blah

I have not really kept this thing what one would call "updated". With my laptop going the way of all the earth I have lost allot my my writings for the digital world and had to go with pen a paper when I can. I really like this format but this format almost never gets read. It can't really be read cause my penmenship is very bad and my spelling is less then perfect. This past week I went up to Utah and saw friends and family that I had not seen for awhile. Out of sight out of mind has always been a thing with me. I have never thought to much about it, but it really hit home why I do this when I went up there. Mybrother and I are on two different paths that simply are not going to the same places. I love him more then anything and he makes my mind explode every time we talk. He being as great as he is found the one women that is almost to good for him. She is like the physical embodiedment of happiness. She is made from suger and spice, you know everything nice. There is also Kuni which is the only man I have everment that makes me trully happy simply being around. As my brother said once he could kill someone and would still go to heaven, cause he only would have done it to help someone else some how. And this Kuni guy is married to this girl that is also just as cool, who gave birth to the happiest little thing and loves everyone and everything but me. Then there is Su and all her crazy roommates that are well interesting. Su broght me rambutons, while she was holding them in her hands I thought I could have no greater love. She is pretty, smart, funny and brings fruit what more could you want in a friend. Also Danny of the balls lives in this magic land. Danny is right up there with kuni that no matter what just being around him is very entertaing.

What am I saying here well if I block you out it not cause I hate you it's cause I got things to do and I know I can't stand not being around my my friends. it drives one mad.