Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Vincent (part 2)

After a short walk, with the dancers still in full view, Vincent came upon a mirror. This mirror was large with a ornate golden frame. As he moved around it to see his reflection he was not his reflection but that of a girl in a wedding dress. She was getting ready and two women where helping her. At the bottom of the mirror, outside the reflection, sat a broken shell of a man. This man's knees where tucked to his chest with his arms wrapped around and his head buried in his knees absorbing the shakes of his sobs. Vincent paused at the mirror a moment thinking. With a heavy breath Vincent turn and left with the sobs drowning out the soft music of the waltz.


Nothing could be seen in this pitch black abyss. Nothing other then Vincent who could only be see by a pillar of light that followed him. Vincent strolled thought this abyss. Soft music quietly started in the distance so Vincent headed towards the sound causally. As Vincent approached the sound he saw Charity standing there alone. He took her hand and started to waltz around the darkness. There was nothing and no one, but them and the music. Vincent soon forgot the blackness around him and saw only charity. Charity then started to fade and in time was gone completely. Vincent kept the waltz going for a little while, but slowly came to a stop. Vincent soon saw many couples waltzing around the in the darkness being followed by those ire pillars of light. One man Vincent had know from his childhood was dancing with charity. Vincent hesitantly stepped back and turned to leave.