Thursday, September 29, 2005

I believe in things, I swear I do. I Just have no follow though.

A frozen heart heats frozen hands
as I travel these desert lands
Icy digits crack and break
your soul is what I try to shake.
If I fall by the side
please push on to keep the tide.
My eye offends me
my hand joins in
don't understand a thought's a sin.
They all meet the fire
here today
no loger do they get to play.
come back home
and look for Rome
watch it burn behind my fern.
rabbit fever is what I got,
So get the clever and a pot.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

A big group of grammer mistaks and misooing errous. Read at your own risk

TOnight I earned allot of experiance points. I sepnt the evning with my sister and her friends. I discover many things that some would say I should not of. I myself might be one of those. A firend tried to get me to drink something alcholic. He did not know that I was mormon and that it was agenst my religon. I for one don't like to use religon for an excuess for not doing something. Some times that is the only reason and thus makes sense other times things are much more complecated. The effort he was putting in to me was awe inspireing. I thouhgt if mebers of the church had passion for the gossoip like he had for me taking a drink, what a world. After a long time I agreed to a drink that had no alchohal. I was unsure if this was the right choice, for I wanted not to offened him but I also did not wish to give into pesure. Ad they say yelled to princapel not presure. I wonder which I really yeiled to cause they both where there. I also got to view an atmisfer that was very foren to me. My mother calls herself a people watcher, I understand what she sees in it, cause I am an evet watcher. ANy thing new is ingreably interseting to me. I am a lover of stories. I love to hear them tell them and be in them. If I can experiance something that can make those stories more real al the better. My sister and I went to a club, but this club had go go dancers. Now remeber they where not stripers or pole dancers or something. From what I could see was that people don't like to dacen alone cause they fear people are looking at them. Well these go go dances take allot of that fear away. Now I must also say that while they where not stripers doesn't mean they where amise either. There clothes where reviling and wntiseing to carneal things. Now this is where things get interseting for me, both bad and good. They did nor borher me. They did not make me want them. Thoughts did not try to take root in my mind. I have seen women at church dressed much more proper that I had to turn my head from. These women I felt sorry for alittle. Cause they had to work in such degreading surcom stances. The men around them stood in a trac stargin into a word of personal fantasy and desire. I wanted to point and luagh at the saddness of them. Gocking at a woman so in public seem so, so... humeleantiny. Could they not find love or any real sense. These where not all bad loking men some even looked like women would fan other them. And yet they had to pay for the conterfit knock off of love. For that short moemt the girl was dancing for him and she was hers. It didn't matter that she was also ever one eles in the room, She loved him for that one moment. The only feeling I could think off that really realated to it was the one I got from first working with retared people, where at first I thought how stuiped and gross are you. I think however that my geelings of that mans actions would never change as they did with the people that where M.R. Fpr the night I only have one regreat, and that was that I was fasting and for a moment I forgot about it. I always do on prolonged fasts. I would not trade that night with my sister for anything, Well maybe a sliver plaed six shoter. O ther then that nothing.

LIttle exscape

Judge stood on the edge of the cliff and held his hands out. NO one was around for miles but anyone watching him would think that he was about to fall forward or take hold of something. The air was clean and crisp with a slight breez. The sun was hiden behind clouds giving the sky a golden hun on the backdrop of a deep blue. Judge turned around stepped back and fell asleep. Things had been so choadic latly there had been no time for siting back and beholding the scenery. Judge still didn't have time to enjoy himself, to find a cliff on a clear day and watch the world from a different point of view. That's way he wrote about it.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

I can see into the future.

Well I can only really see about 50ft into the future after that things get a little weird, unless I have my glasses on. In reality I have nothing new to add. People are stupied and I'm a person. Women are the devil and want your soul. The sad thing is that men want to give it to them. I have what soul I had when I left that magic island that looked like a eye in the middle of an ocean of blue. I see others falling into their traps left and right but know that I can't help them. They are prey that wants to be caught and I will not fight the masses on such things. If things are bothering you change your life, if that's to hard change you diet. Less meat makes one less violent, the lack of dairy kills the labedo. Sweets kill the teeth, but lift the soul and all of this is nothing but a text form of "Maromi".

Monday, September 12, 2005

Which way you going?

So I know all ther sterotypes and the things people say about hickhikers. I also know that my mother would not be happy know ing that I pick them up. Now I don't pick the one's with hocky maskes and kifes, bgut that's mostly cause I don't see them. I also would not pick them up if I had my wife or kids in the car, While I can't be sure but I think i wouldn't, but I still might. I have only picked up a handful. I do this cause I myself am having to realiy on the kindess of strangers allot of the time. Yesterday I pick up two, one was a man who's car ran out of gas and his grandmother and kids where waiting in the car. The second was a little more shady. Having worked with people with mental disorders I could till this man had one. I am no doctor and am not very knowlageable about such things so to say more would only be guesses. He was headed for montana and was happy for as far as I could take him. I told him I was going to Utah and he could come the whole way or get dropped off where ever he wanted along the way. HE was more then happy with this. We then set off with him doing most of the talking. I came to find out the he use to teach music and a few different univeristys but something had happened where he has spent the last few months on the streets. He was from South Carilona and had hickted hiked his way to bloomfield New Mexico. He was more then happy to hear classical music in the car (I was playing a cd from Toko Takahashi a japaness composer) He went off about art and phiolsphy and how he liked buroke morn then others. He had seem to have been doiong fine till something happened to him. At which point I think his brain was kind of fried. He had troulbe with simple math and yet knew all the converstions form standerdd to metric. He could tell me different things he had read, but had a very hard time reading. He was constily talking quietly to himself and doing motions with his hands in the air. I might have thought him scary or strang if I hadn't sent so much time with other like him. We had to stop quite offten for the bathroom and smoking. I had known another man that had to have a cigerate every now and them to help with his disablityes. So I gladly stopped as offten as he liked for this, where we would get something to eat and talk about things that we saw around us. Thikning that prove was a good mormon town I thought it would have at least one homless shelter. when we got there sadly it did not the closest one was all the way in Salt lack city. This was too much this man was now my firend and I could not simply leave him in the street. I found a hotel and got him set up for the night where he said he could contine on his way tomorrow. He being more then happy to have meet me and I the same for him we parted exchanging e-mail. I have lost his name to my memory and have his face implanted on my mind. I hope things work out for him and I hope you think twice about strangers on the road.