Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A lump of meat that pumps

I sat next to her in class, for no other reason then I like to be close to things that I fin bueatful or interesting. That's all she was to me, just another pretty face in a crowd. As the class got more boring I found my mind wondering to other places. It rested upon the thoughts of the bueaty next to me. I wondered who she was, what stired her emotions and what broght joy to her life. These thoughts and ideas built upon themself till there was nothing left but thoughts of who she really was. Now one must understand I am by no means a "ladies man". I can hold my own in the aren of love and well will leave it at that. So the only way to find out if she was who I was making her out to be was to ask her. Which is what I did, I asked her for her number and a few other basic questions. She gave it to me, but the tone of her voice made it sound like she was scaried, so while I am still interested in who she is, nothing more then that would ever come of it. A girls got to have some atitued to keep me interested, plus if she fears a simply conversation she won't last every long with me in any other thing that life brings.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

well now that it's over

I think now that people have given up on this thing I might give it a second go.

I've had rabbit in my blood for some time now, yet with school and work breaking my legs I must not run. I miss the people I have meet in my travles. My mind wonders to how their lifes are progressing. Some may say to use the phone, and to some I might say "shut it". For the phone is souless and rips the heart from conversations, just like TV is heartless and rips the soul from my body. I wish to see New Zealand, I wish to dive to washington and have a vodo donut. I want to hope over to utah and catch up on all the happings of the many I care for there. How is kelsey doing? I always wonder but never mind the words to ask. Is Vasu still living and loving life, is he still luaghing load and making those around him luagh loud also. Does he beard ill will to me for the wrongs I have wrote upon him. What of Mika? for a girl I knew nothing about I thought so highly of her. Does brei still not want to be told what to do? Would I still want to drink from the head of erica? And does she still know what that means? IS dave still as wildly entertaining as a baby bring punched? Is sarah still broken? is Amanda still queen fragger? Did Reed ever know how great I thought he was? Does fai know that she was always an insperation to me? And Su, I think I'll always have some kind of crush on you, but will she know? will she care? Will chi ever be free of her own self dout? Will she ever think as much of herself as I do of her? Will I ever have a heated debt with dye again? Will I ever play with susanE agian? Does robort know that I think he is the funniest person I know?

One might think of this as depressing, as will it is. For it's the thoughts that drive me hands to the wheel. Life is to much to retale by way of a phone. Life has to be lived, and I wish to live it with all those above and many more. nothing more can be said